LG™ LRG3097ST Range

LG LRG3097ST Freestanding Gas Range, 30 in, 5,4 Cu.Ft, with 5 Sealed Burners, 19,000 BTU UltraHeat Burner, Continuous Grates, EvenJet Convection Oven, Self-Clean and Warming Drawer
Brand: LG
Model: LRG3097ST
Stainless Steel
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Extended Warranty For This Product
2 Years: $139.99, 4 Years: $219.99
Product covered with full Canadian manufacturer warranty.
Minimum 1 year in home repair, parts & labor included.
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    The LG LRG3097ST freestanding gas range transforms an ordinary kitchen into a supercharged kitchen. This powerful cooking appliance offers five sealed burners, with UltraHeat burner. Its large 5.4 cubic-foot convection oven cooks food faster, at a lower temperature. For easy cleaning, LG included a self-clean function. What more could you want from a gas range?
    This 30-inch freestanding gas range features a stainless steel cooktop with five sealed burners and continuous grates. The sealed burners prevent food from spill down into the burners, making the cooktop easy to clean. Its continuous grates make it easy to slide pots and pans across the cooktop without lifting the cookware from the surface.
    The cooktop setup:
        Left front element: 12000 BTU output
        Left rear element: 9100 BTU output
        Center element: 8000 BTU output
        Rear front element: 19000 BTU UltraHeat output
        Right rear element: 5000 BTU output
    The LG LRG3097ST gas range offers a large 5.4 cubic-foot capacity brilliant blue oven cavity. To maximize the extra-large interior offers a heavy-duty gliding rack, split rack, and two full racks with seven versatile rack positions. With this customizable interior, you can easily bake multiple trays of cookies or casseroles at the same time, or 20+ pound turkey with ease.
    With this LG gas oven, you can broil a perfect steak. This oven features a flat recessed broil heater to provide the oven cavity with more space. The powerful 15,000 BTU element makes it quick and easy to achieve the perfect medium, medium well, or well steak.
    Making dinner preparation is easy with the delay bake function. The delay bake function allows you prepare a meal at your convenience, and then program the oven to cook your meal when you desire. This means you can prepare dinner before your children’s after school activities, and set the oven to begin cooking a meal while you are on the way home, so you and your family can enjoy a hot, fresh, home-cooked meal.
    For labor-less cleaning, this oven offers a self-clean function. The self-clean function offers a 2-hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour cleaning cycle. This cycle cleans itself with high-heat, so you do not have to scrub the interior with harsh, hazardous chemicals.
    This LG range also offers a delay clean function. The delay clean allows you to set the self-clean option to start the cleaning cycle when it is more convenient for you. You can set the cycle to clean your oven while you out running errands, and come home to a clean oven ready for use.
    As a bonus, this oven features an automatic shut-off function. The oven will automatically shut-off after 12-hours of consecutive use. This safety feature is designed to prevent potential fires from occurring.
    The LG LRG3097ST 30-inch freestanding gas range enhances your kitchen with style and power. This high-powered gas range features a powerful stainless steel cooktop with five sealed burners and a large 5.4 cubic-foot capacity cavity. Its convection oven cooks food faster at a lower temperature with outstanding results.


    • Large Capacity Oven
    • Ultraheat 19,000 BTU Burner
    • Flat Broil Heater
    • Convection Oven
    • Large Capacity Oven
    • Expand your options. The size of your oven shouldn't dictate what you can cook or for how many people. This Large Capacity Oven gives you more space so you have the flexibility to cook more dishes at the same time. With one of the largest oven capacities available at 5.4 cu. ft., LG's gas ranges provide more space for cooking large meals.
    • UltraHeat 19,000 BTU Burner
    • Heat it up. Sometimes you just need it hot, and the UltraHeat 19,000 BTU burner delivers just that. The most powerful burner in its class, UltraHeat of 19,000 gives you all the power you need for high-heat cooking, like searing and stir-frying.
    • Flat Broil Heater
    • Flat-out smart. We don't need to tell you that when cooking at home, space is a premium. The smarter design of the Flat-Broil Heater is recessed to provide more space.
    • Convection Oven
    • Quicker cooking Great cooking takes time, but it's nicer when it takes less time. The Convection Oven lets you pre-heat faster and provides even baking and roasting.
    • Brilliant Blue Interior
    • Happy to be blue a premium range should meet your needs and look beautiful doing it. The Brilliant Blue Interior provides an upscale look with premium interior design.
    • 5 High Performance Sealed Burners
    • Count on it. You have a wide range of needs and the 5 High Performance Sealed Burners are there to meet them. These easy to clean burners provide flexible cooking power from 5,000 BTUs to 19,000 BTUs.
    Type Free Standing Gas
    Capacity 5.4 cu.ft.
    Oven / Cooktop SmoothTouch™ / Knobs
    Display White VFD
    Electronic Clock & Timer Yes
    Control Lock Function Yes
    Audible Preheat Signal Yes
    Special Functions Temperature Unit of Measure (F/C), Beeper Volume (High, Low, Mute), Language: English or Spanish, Preheating Alarm Light On/Off
    Door Lock Yes
    Type Stainless Steel Cooktop
    No. of Sealed Gas Burners 5
    Left Front 12,000
    Left Rear 9,100
    Centre 8,000
    Right Front 19,000 (UltraHeat™ )
    Right Rear 5,000
    Type Self-Cleaning
    Variable Cleaning Time 2 hr, 3 hr & 4 hr
    Convection Conversion Yes
    Convection System Yes
    Convection Bake Yes
    Convection Roast Yes
    No. of Racks / Positions 2 Full, 1 Gliding, 1 Split
    WideView™ Window Yes
    Automatic Shut-Off After 12 Hours
    GoCook™ Smart Oven Light Yes
    Delay Clean Yes
    Delay Bake 12 Hours
    Interior Oven Light Adjustment 1, Auto/Manual
    Broil Burner 15,500 BTU
    Broiler Type Flat Broiler
    Bake Burner 18,000 BTU
    Type Warming
    Capacity 1.0 cu.ft.
    Available Colours Stainless Steel (ST)
    Oven Interior Brilliant Blue
    Knobs Matching Metal
    Handles Matching Commercial Handle
    Power Source
    Electrical Requirements 1.14KW/9.5A, 120VAC
    Width 29 15/16"
    Height (to top of cooktop) 36"
    Height (to top of backguard) 47 5/8"
    Oven Capacity (WxHxD) 24 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 19 11/16"
    Drawer (WxHxD) 23" x 4 11/16" x 16 1/2"
    WideView™ Window (WxH) 19 19/32" x 11 1/32"
    Depth (including handle) 26 29/32"
    Net Weight 237 lbs
    Depth (including door) 26 1/2"
    Upc Code
    LRG3097ST 772454051074
    Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labour

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