LG™ WM3070HVA Washer

LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer, 27 in, 4.3 Cu.Ft, with 12 Wash Cycles, 11 Options, Steam Option, SenseClean, TurboWash Technology and Dual LED Display
Brand: LG
Model: WM3070HVA
Color: Titanium
Replaced by WM3250HVA
Replaced by WM3250HVA
2 Years: $119.99, 4 Years: $179.99
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    LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer - Our Review


    LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer, 27 in, 3.7 Cu.Ft, with 12 Wash Cycles, 11 Options, Steam Option, SenseClean, TurboWash Technology and Dual LED Display

    LG’s LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer leads the current generation of front load washing machines.  With its large capacity, 7 wash cycles, 9 options including steam option, and its SenseClean features, this washer is the ultimate in TurboWash Technology.  And because of its Energy Star rating, you’ll save money and conserve resources while keeping all of your fabrics looking fresh.


    The LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer has a large capacity stainless steel drum that never rusts, so the care of this washer is made much simpler.  It can easily handle all the towels, heavy clothing, and bedding you need to clean.  And fewer loads means less time in the laundry room and less water.  The Direct Drive Motor, with its efficiency and fewer moving parts, has a ten year limited warranty, which means your LG washer lasts longer.  In addition, the LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer has 7 washing cycles.  Your dish towels and cloths will come out clean and sanitary, and your favorite silk blouse will wash safely with no damage to its delicate fabric.  And not sure which cycle to use?  The Dial-A-Cycle feature makes this an intuitive washer, so you can just press and go!


    There are few things that can irritate skin more than clothing that has not been fully rinsed.  The auto suds removal system and forced drain system in this washer will make sure that never happens. LG’s technology makes sure you don’t have to compromise performance; it penetrates deep into the fabric with enhanced washing motion. And speaking of motion, the LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer uses 6Motion technology.  Each cycle combines up to six different washing motions to get your clothes ultra clean.  And while you are washing, you don’t have to worry about little hands or safety.  This washer’s door has a child safety lock.


    One of the things you probably look for in a washing machine is longevity, which includes great service.  The LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer has several features built in to help you take good care of your washer and keep it serviced well.  First, the LG TurboWash has Smart Diagnosis.  This means that if there is a problem with your machine, data can be sent via phone to the customer service center; in essence, your washer calls the repairman for you!  The TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system means a smoother, safer, and quieter wash, which is enhanced with its LoDecibel Quiet Operation.    The SenseClean technology makes each wash cycle more efficient, which means less unnecessary motion and wear.


    Finally, this amazing piece of machinery comes in a stylish package.  It features an extra wide door opening with a chrome rimmed glass door and dark blue tinted cover. It is also stackable with the matching dryer, or you can pair it with an attractive pedestal that also gives you storage for your washing supplies.  In addition, there are no bulky knobs and dials; the LG WM3070HVA Front Load Washer has an upfront electronic control panel with dual LED display and Dial-A-Cycle.  In short, this washing machine will look as great while it is making your clothing look amazing.


    • Turbowash
    • Allergiene
    • 6motion Technology
    • Direct Drive Motor
    Capacity* 4.3 cu.ft.
    Transition Model WM2550
    ColdWash™ Yes
    Internal Heater Yes
    Steam Yes
    Max. RPM 1200
    Available Colors Graphite Steel (V), Wild Cherry Red ®, White (W)
    Energy Star Compliant Energy Star
    MEF 3.05
    WF 3.3
    CEE Tier 3
    Fabric Care Features
    TurboWash™ Yes
    Convenience Features
    4 Tray Dispenser Prewash, Main Wash (with liquid detergent cup), Bleach, Fabric Softener
    TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System Yes
    LoadSense Yes
    End of Cycle Signal Yes
    Forced Drain System Yes
    Auto Sud Removal Yes
    Easy Loading TilTub™ Yes
    LoDecibel Quiet Operation Yes
    Motor and Agitator
    Motor Type Inverter Direct Drive
    Motor Speed Variable
    Axis Horizontal
    Materials and Finishes
    Cabinet PCM
    Control Panel Plastic
    Top Plate Painted
    NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum Yes
    Door / Rim Glass / Chrome
    Door Cover Yes
    Door Opening 15.75"
    Power Source
    Ratings / Electrical Requirements / Type UL Listed / 120V, 10 Amps / Electric
    Signal On/Off Yes
    Pedestal WxHxD 27" x 13 3/5" x 28 2/5"
    Pedestals WDP4W, WDP4R
    Stacking Kit KSTK1
    Product WxHxD 27" x 38 11/16" x 29 3/4" (51" D with door open)
    Carton WxHxD 29 1/2" x 42 1/4" x 31 1/4"
    UPC 772454060557
    Weight (Product/Carton) 189.1lbs/206.8lbs
    Dial-A-Cycle™ Yes
    Display Panel Dual LED

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