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Zephyr is well known for their innovative, distinct range hoods. These range hoods do what others do not, and take into consideration that your ventilation system rests above everything. That is why Zephyr takes great time and care while developing new, innovative, and stylish range hoods to provide you with a sophisticated look that quickly and quietly removes smoke, odors, grease, and other airborne contaminants from your kitchen environment.


The History of Zephyr


Zephyr is the brainchild of Zortek. Zortek was founded in 1967 with the intent of being a diversified manufacturer of innovative, branded resident and commercial appliances. The founding father believed everything in the home should present the opportunity of personal expression. Taking this belief, and running with it, Zephyr began to focus on the range hood as more than after-thought. After, it is the one appliance that stands above everything else in the kitchen, which is why Zephyr focused on turning it in a high-performance, eye-catching appliance.

Continuing to grow, expand, and evolve with the times and increasing demand for kitchen ventilation systems, Zephyr changed the marketplace.

Today Zephyr has earned a glowing reputation due to their ability to produce well-designed, high-powered range hoods.


Award Winning


Zephyr is a well-recognized industry leader in the kitchen appliance market. The company proudly boasts a large number of awards.

In 2005, Zephyr was awarded the manufacturer award Share in Design.

Woman’s Day presented their Kitchens & Baths awards in 2005 for the Shade hood, and in 2006 for the Om hood.

In 2009, Zephyr proudly accepted the Excellence in Design Silver award for the Arc Collection Horizon range hood.

In 2006, 2008, and 2011 Good Design recognized Zephyr for the Trapeze hood, Arc Collection Plane range hood, and the Next Generation Europa collection. This prestigious award was a tremendous honor for Zephyr since their focus has been on design and craftsmanship from the company’s first day.

ADEX recognized Zephyr in eight consecutive years in a row for their range hoods. This prestigious award in the appliance industry, standing for Awards for Design Excellence. Achieving this award for several consecutive years in a row was a huge accomplishment for Zephyr.

The awards continue to pile up. Zephyr’s trophy room also consists of awards for being in the Top 100 Best Products, Green Good Design, Excellence in Design Award, and more.


Why Shop Zephyr Range Hoods in Canada


The Zephyr reputation speaks for itself. This company has been fully dedicated and committed to producing high-performance range that add flare and sophistication to the kitchen. Focusing on allowing the home to be a place of personal expression, Zephyr has received a number of prestigious awards for their innovative, cutting-edge designs.

When you purchase a Zephyr range hood in Canada, you are taking home of the industry’s top performing, most attractive, professional grade range hoods available on the market today.