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About Us

Canadian Appliance Source, founded in 2008, has developed into a forerunner of modern appliance retail. Our model is unique in that our focus has always been on providing our customers with the personalized, thoughtful help and advice of an appliance specialist. Whether online or in-store, CAS customers receive knowledgeable advice, expert service, and quality appliances at exceptional prices. Our goal is to leave each customer with the certainty they made the right choice buying from us.

Now with more than 40 locations, our mission has grown to be the largest national appliance retailer in Canada. However, we will be a coast-to-coast retailer with a difference: we will still offer each customer that same personalized advice and unique in-store experience. We will do this by maintaining the exemplary level of training each sales associate receives; we will do this by ensuring every member of the CAS team shares our values of respect, responsibility, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We will do this by empowering everyone in our company to provide our customers with the expertise they deserve. CAS has always stood apart from the competition, and as we grow, we will continue to do so. We now have the resources, the ability, and most importantly, the drive to be the best appliance retailer in Canada.

Although we have grown in size, we have never lost our focus on creating our unique, customer-centric, in-store experience. Each CAS store has a boutique feel, features streamlined, modern displays, and customers are serviced by personable, knowledgeable staff. We pay attention to the details, from complimentary water and coffee, to helpful customer information stations to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

A word to describe Canadian Appliance Source would be UNIQUE.  Our ability to stand apart lies with our two million online impressions we receive each day, our fully customized internal software that not only ensures customer satisfaction during each stage of their experience with us, but also a dream to work with for our employees.  As you can see, our vision of customization goes far beyond just our sales experience with each customer. It trickles into the very meticulously created displays for each store to ensure that all products are displayed and presented to a higher quality than expected.

Working at Canadian Appliance Source offers staff the opportunity to improve each and every day. We believe in our values of respect, improvement, responsibility, and commitment to customer satisfaction and ensure that employees are given the tools and resources to live these values each day, at every store, at every level in the company.