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Faber is a world well known range hood manufacturer. With over 50 years of range hood expertise, Faber produces high-quality, innovative, effective ventilation systems to clear the air, so you can breathe freely. Offering a variety of range hood solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, innovative, and reliable to eliminate smoke, grease, odors, and airborne contaminants from the kitchen, you cannot go wrong with a Faber range hood in Canada.


The Faber History


Faber range hoods was founded in 1995, when Franke Holding AG, a world leader in comprehensive systems for domestic food preparation and professional applications in food service, coffee preparation, beverage delivery, and hygiene solutions, invented the first-vent hood in a small laboratory in Italy. The Faber dedication and commitment to technology, quality, and design, quickly pushed Faber range hoods to the top of the kitchen ventilation market in Italy.

The sincere dedication to innovative technologies and beautiful designs lead Faber to several historical innovations:

• In 1963, Faber created the first-motor powered range hood.
• In 1966, Faber was the first to use a glass visor, over the traditional plastic visors, on a traditional ventilation hood.
• In 1986, Faber produced the first decorative canopy hood.
• Faber was the first company to implement electronic controls on range hoods.
• Faber was among the first to use robotic and automated technologies in the production process.
• Faber was the first company in the world to receive the integrated system of quality, safety, and environment concerns certification.

Today, Faber is a global company with facilities and offices in seven countries worldwide. Faber distributes range hoods in every major market around the world.


The Faber Vision


The Faber vision is to develop, promote, and produce a product with advanced technologies that represent the company's know how in terms of air treatment. By producing ventilation systems that follow the Faber principles of design and functionality at all times.
Faber strives to be the leader of high-end kitchen ventilation systems that are aesthetically pleasing and out-perform the competitors. To meet this goal, Faber focuses on providing you with the outstanding expertise, reliability, innovation, and problem solving the company was founded on 50+ years ago.


Why Buy Faber


When you purchase a Faber range hood, you are purchasing a product that was designed based upon the American architect, Louis Henry Sullivan's famous saying, "form follows function." What does this mean? While the design is important, it does not serve a purpose if the ventilation system does not work. Faber took this to heart and began designing innovative, effective range hoods with a strong aesthetic impact that maximize you comfort.

Faber range hoods are an eye-catching, innovative, effective ventilation system from a company with several innovative market firsts, and International Organization for Standardization certifications. When you buy a Faber hood in Canada, you know you are taking home the best of the best in the range hood market.