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Blomberg Appliances Canada

Blomberg appliances have been a quality name in household appliances since 1935. It did not take long for their high-quality appliances and vision to reach the rest of the world. Today, when you purchase a Blomberg appliance in Canada, you are bringing home an award winning appliance from Europe's third largest appliance manufacturer.


The Blomberg History


The birth of the Blomberg dates back to 1883, when the company first began operations in the metallurgical industry. In 1935, the company changed directions, and turned the focus to developing, producing, and delivering high-quality household appliances.

In 1979, Blomberg produced the first-washing machine with outer balance control. The development of the first fully automatic washing machine followed shortly after in 1981.

By 2002, the third largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, Arcelik acquired Blomberg. Continuing with the Blomberg traditional quality, standards, designs, and vision, they released a new product range with free standing and built-in lines.


The Vision


Blomberg is dedicating to adding value and enjoyment of life. To achieve this they combine their 125+ years of experience with the highest quality designs and craftsmanship with taste and strict technical standards.

The Blomberg dedication and vision has allowed this leading appliance manufacturer to rise to top. Today, they hold the third largest appliance manufacturer rank in Europe plus have received awards and prestigious recognitions for their work.


Awards and Certifications


The 2014 designs of the Blomberg home appliance lines are rates as one of the Most Efficient Energy Star appliances. This new category of energy efficient appliances allows you distinguish between energy efficient, and those that demonstrate truly exceptional energy efficiency and performance.

Blomberg appliances have won't the Best of the Year Award from in both 2013 and 2014. uses labs to test hundreds of products each year, using standardized and scientific testing. These tests are designed so consumers can make the most well informed decisions when it comes to purchasing major home appliances.

This trendy company has earned its way into the Reddot Design Award ranks with the logitronic dishwasher GSN 1580 XB. Winning this award confirms Blomberg produces and delivers innovative appliances with superior features in Canada, and across the globe.

Blomberg's lists of awards and achievements do not stop there. They have also received recognition from EcoTopTen, Stiftung Warentest, the Danish B2C Superbrand Council, the European Commission, and more.


Why Trust Blomberg in Canada?


With 125+ years of production and expertise in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg has grasped the rank of one of Europe's top consumer appliance manufacturers.

The Blomberg dedication to upholding the traditional standards of excellence, style, design, and quality has earned the company a large amount of recognition. With certifications from Energy Star of one of the Most Efficient Energy Star appliances in 2014 and awards and recognition from the European Commission, Reddot Design, and more, you can rest assured you purchasing a high-quality, top performing, dependable appliance.