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Bertazzoni Appliances Canada


Bertazzoni Appliance is a world renown manufacturer of precision cooktops, ranges, ovens, and ventilation hoods. With over 100 years of expertise and undying passion for food, inspires Bertazzoni to deliver sustainable, safe, efficient appliances to meet your every culinary need.


The History


Bertazzoni was born in 1882, when its founding father began making small wood burning stoves, like the ones used in Northern Italy at the time. By 1909, the Bertazzoni family built their first factory. It was not long after the Bertazonni name became known across Italy.

Around 1955, the company evolved, and started to produce gas stoves. By 1958, Bertazzoni introduced gas ovens to their line. Continuing to grow and prosper, the Bertazzoni brand hit international lands by the early 1970's. In 2005, these high-performance stainless steel appliances made their way onto American and Canadian soils.

Today, Bertazonni Appliances are well-known around the world, with advanced manufacturing techniques, adopted from the automotive industry, Bertazzoni produces professional grade, high-performance cook equipment to meet your every demand.


Bertazzoni Appliance in Canada


Bertazonni ovens feature an exclusive Dual Diagonal Convection System. This innovative system uses two fans and two ring heating elements that are positioned in a diagonal position to maximize the size of the fan blades. The unique configuration allows a large volume of air to circulate with minimal turbulence. With this setup, heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire oven cavity, allowing foods to cook stay moist while receiving uniform cooking results.

The high-efficiency Bertazonni gas cooktops offer the ultimate cooking flexibility and precision accuracy you need. With these high-performance cooktops, you can achieve a delicate simmer or powerful rapid boil. Ranked as best in its class, these cooktops offer sealed burners, heavy-duty cast iron grates, and convenient burner adaptors.

Bertazzoni freestanding gas ranges with gas convection ovens give you the best of both worlds. The oven features convection cooking for balanced air-flow with even heat distribution, allowing for single or multi-level roasting and baking. Its extra-large capacity oven offers five-rack positions, for a fully customizable baking experience.

The Bertazonni freestanding dual fuel ranges with electric convection ovens and self-clean function, take an ordinary stove and make it extraordinary. These ovens allow you to choose between convection cooking and traditional cooking. You are given direction control, with immediate feedback form the intelligent appliance, so you can prepare meals exactly how you want.


Go Green With Bertazzoni


Bertazonni only uses material that have passed the "migration of material test compliant." This test means the materials do not change when they come into contact with food, oil, or water. Not only are all materials and products safe for use with food, 99% of Bertazonni products and packaging are recyclable.

This company understands there is a distinct relationship between manufacturers, people, and the environment; which is why, Bertazonni focuses on making energy efficient appliances, with safe, recyclable materials.

Help to reduce your carbon imprint on the planet, one meal at a time.