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Panasonic Appliances Canada

Panasonic is an innovative global powerhouse in the appliance and electronics fields. The advanced Panasonic technology is embedded deep into each and every single product, so deep that you may not even realize how powerful it is. With a strong commitment to producing high performance, quality, reliable appliances, Panasonic, a named trusted around the world.

The Panasonic History

Panasonic was founded in 1894 with the desire to create things of value. The dedication, hard work, and passion of Panasonic led the company to establish their first-head office and factory in 1922.

By 1961, Panasonic's overseas productions began to expand rapidly. As the company continued to grow and expand, their passion and drive to provide innovative, reliable, quality products only grew stronger.

Today, Panasonic proudly employs over 271,000 employees and distributes Panasonic wall ovens, Panasonic microwaves, Panasonic cooktops, and other advanced Panasonic technology worldwide. If fact, many of the products sold by Fortune 500 companies are powered by Panasonic technologies.

The name Panasonic is synonymous with performance, quality, value, and reliability.

The Panasonic Promise

Panasonic is fully committed to creating a better life, and a better world through continuously contributing to the evolution of society through innovative technologies, and well-crafted appliances. By creating a better life and a better world, Panasonic aims to add to the happiness of people in society and around the globe.

The Panasonic promise lead them to current slogan: A Better Life, A Better World.

Panasonic is Going Green

Panasonic's concern for environmental protection dates back to the original founding father of the company. The founding father's belief was to put people before products. This passionate belief still drives the company current Environmental Statement, pledging to practice prudently, sustainable use of natural resources and work to protect the environment.

Adhere to this strong belief and principle, majority of Panasonic's products follow the strict guidelines set forth by the international community for the control of hazardous substances in electronics. This means in order to protect people and environment; Panasonic restricts the use of certain hazardous materials. Doing so prevents the hazardous material and waste from spilling out into the environment where it can make people sick, and damage the planet.

Why Buy Panasonic in Canada

Panasonic's dedication to putting people before the products has led the company to manufacture quality, innovative, top performing, reliable appliances. When you purchase a Panasonic cooktop, Panasonic wall oven, or Panasonic microwave you are purchasing an appliance with Panasonic technologies embedded deep into the appliance to provide you with energy efficient, top performing, reliable appliance.

Panasonic appliances are designed with the Panasonic promise in mind, "Creating a life and a better world, continuously, contributing to the evolution of society and happiness of people around the world."