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Falmec is an expert at extraction, with 30+ years of experience manufacturing range hoods. The know-how and experience gained by Falmec, enables the company to produce a vast collection of the best products with unique and advanced technologies. When you shop Falmec cooker hoods in Canada, you are shopping one of the world leaders in design and performance.


The Falmec Story


Falmec was established about thirty years ago in north-eastern Italy, when founder, Danilo and Maurizio Poser intuition met the demands of a specific market. The small semi-artisan company quickly transformed into an industry leader. Their commitment and dedication to producing innovative products with stylish designs and technologically advanced features brought Falmec to the top of the industry.

Today, Falmec range hoods are well-known around the world. With over 130 employees in the manufacturing facilities, Falmec produces over 130,000 units per year. Falmec proudly produces over 700 different versions over 100 different models.


Only the Best


Falmec is fully dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible products. The Falmec range hoods are crafted from the best stainless steel to guarantee a high-quality product. For this reason only, AISI 304 stainless steel, composed for 18-% chrome and 8-% nickel alloy, is used. AISI 304 is the best stainless steel available for the kitchen environment.

A Falmec cooker hood is the perfect representation of the Falmec standards. The dedicated staff is devoted to developing the best designs, and upholding the highest standards to adhere to the best functionality, performance, and durability. From precision laser steel cutting, to automated folding, welding and painting, through the electronics and final assembly, each phase of Falmec manufacturing process is handled with great care.




Falmec is ISO 9001 certified, and all products are manufactured in careful accordance with IMQ. Falmec range hoods have also obtained certifications specific to the following countries: USA, Canada, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. In addition to these certifications, Falmec is associated with Ceced, the National Association of Manufacturers of Domestic and Professional Appliances.


Why Shop Falmec in Canada


When you shop Falmec cooker hoods in Canada, you are shopping with one of the industry leaders of extraction. Falmec is fully dedicated to producing nothing less than the best, using only the highest quality materials, including AISI 304 stainless steel.

Falmec is dedicated to ensuring all customer requirements are met within regards to the current certifications Falmec holds. Falmec guarantees to do all they can to meet the needs and wants of their customers.

With innovative technologies, functional features, and stylish designs, not only will smoke, grease, odors, and other airborne contaminants be removed from your kitchen, but the flare of sophistication and elegance, plus the feeling of security you of knowing you have added a reliable, quality piece of equipment to your the kitchen when you install a Falmec stainless steel cooker hood.