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KitchenAid Appliances Canada

KitchenAid's dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and versatility has made them a well known appliance manufacturer all around North American, since 1919. Using innovative designs and high-quality engineering, KitchenAid designs world-class appliances for the entire kitchen.


History in the Making

KitchenAid was put on the map in1919, when the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer was born. The birth of the stand mixer fueled KitchenAid to turn their attention to the rest of the kitchen.

In 1949, KitchenAid released their first dishwasher. Then in 1985, a range of cookers was introduced. After the Whirlpool Corporation bought KitchenAid in 1986, KitchenAid began to reinvent the rest of the kitchen.

Today, KitchenAid is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation and produces a full-line of major kitchen appliances. You can find everything from cooking products, dishwashers, disposal systems, ventilation hoods, grills, refrigerators, water filters, and countertop kitchen appliances, made with the same dedication to quality, craftsmanship and versatile technology, and timeless style that KitchenAid was founded on, in 1919.


The KitchenAid Mission

More chefs choose KitchenAid appliances for their home than other major appliance brands in Canada. The ever-growing dedication to produce quality kitchen appliances with a timeless style, quality craftsmanship, and innovative versatility is an ongoing tradition that will continue for generations to come.

Why do more chefs buy KitchenAid appliances in Canada than any other brand name? Chefs know quality kitchen appliances are reliable, dependable, versatile, and equipped to meet all your culinary needs.


Award Winning

KitchenAid gained great notoriety from the James Beard Foundation. The James Beard Foundation Awards recognize culinary professional for excellence, and great achievements in their field. This organization is a not-for-profit charitable organization that show appreciate and practice of fine food and beverages.

When you take a KitchenAid, you are taking home kitchen appliance that has the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards, and the traditional craftsmanship that is second to none.


Environmentally and Budget Friendly

Bringing home a KitchenAid refrigerator, a KitchenAid dishwasher, KitchenAid Oven, or most other KitchenAid major appliances, helps to make your home kitchen environmentally friendly. How? KitchenAid appliances are Energy Star qualified.

Energy Star qualified appliances use fewer natural resources to deliver the performance you have been dreaming of. The less water, natural gas, and electricity you use, the more is left in the environment. Plus, reducing the energy consumption in your home can significantly reduce your monthly and annual utility bills.


Why Buy A KitchenAid?

A KitchenAid kitchen is a functional, well-crafted, versatile kitchen full of cutting-edge appliances whose performance is second to none. No matter which KitchenAid appliance you purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a well-crafted, quality, versatile appliance with a timeless design that will last for years to come.

KitchenAid is fully committed to upholding the same standards of quality and excellence that the company was founded on 100+ years ago.