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Amana Appliances Canada


Amana is a well-known, well-designed American based brand of household appliances. The Amana Corporation has been thinking about appliances all day, every day since 1934. Their dedication, hard work, and drive to make a difference will impact your life, wallet, and the environment. Now, backed by the Whirlpool Corporation, Amana is well-known around the world.


The History of Amana


The roots of the Amana Corporation trace back to 1934, when George Foerstner founded The Electric Equipment Co. In Middle Amana, Iowa, where operations began with the manufacturing of commercial walk-in coolers. Not long after, the company became known as Amana Refrigeration, Inc.

By 1947, Amana manufactured the first upright freezer for the home. As their popularity grew, the company began manufacturing air conditioners, microwave ovens, furnaces, ovens, countertop ranges, dishwashers, and laundry appliances.

In 1997, Amana was acquired by Goodman Global, then Maytag. When Whirlpool acquired Maytag, Amana went along for the ride. Today Whirlpool is the proud owner of the Amana Corporation. Even under new ownership, Amana has managed to remain a leader in innovative designs.


Energy Star Qualified


Amana is going green with Energy Star compliant home appliances. Energy Star qualified appliances exceed the government minimum standards for water and energy consumption.

The impact of Earth Day can be felt every day when you buy Energy Star qualified Amana appliances in Canada. These appliances reduce your energy consumption by up to 20%.

If Mother Nature does not thankyou for the conservation, your wallet will. Watch your utility bills dwindle!


The Commitment


The Amana Corporation knows, small steps can make a big impact. That is why the dedicated staff at Amana focus on appliances all day, every day, they also think about their impact on your life, wallet, and the environment.

When you purchase an Amana appliance in Canada, you are getting an appliance whose value stretches beyond saving money. These appliances are carefully designed to offer value, dependability, reliability, and style, while reducing your carbon imprint on the planet.


Why Buy Amana


Buying Amana appliances in Canada guarantees you receive an award winning, dependability, reliability, innovative features, and more, while using an Eco-friendly appliance.

Amana ranges are ranked among the best ranges, and award Best of the Year, by Their high-performance induction cooktops, with incredible nondescript designs blend with any kitchen decor seamlessly.

Amana refrigerators are also ranked among the best appliances, and won Best of the Year from The design of the refrigerators add a flare of industrial simplicity to your home; while the performance is like no other.

The Amana brand provides people with simple solutions at affordable prices that slide seamlessly into everyday life. Amana carefully designs high-performance appliance for people who want a quality appliance without all high-tech modern features. When you shop for Amana brand appliances in Canada, you are purchasing a simple appliance well-equipped to handle everyday tasks that add a flare of beauty to your home.