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BlueStar Appliances Canada


BlueStar Appliances is one of the leading manufacturers of professional-grade residential ranges and ventilations hoods. With an intense dedication to constructing high performance, fully-customizable line, to meet all your individual cooking needs. You get exactly what your inner chef demands with BlueStar ranges in Canada.


BlueStar History


BlueStar Appliances was birthed in 1880, when their manufacturing company, Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc., began producing a full line of residential and commercial coal rangers, hot water heaters, furnaces, and heating stoves in Reading, Pennsylvania. These handcrafted appliances were built so well that many of them are still in service today.

Continue to improve the design and performance of cooking ranges, the company took a major step forward by producing a two-coat/one-fire enameling system.

By 2002, BlueStar began to deliver restaurant-quality appliances for residential consumers. Using only the highest-quality stainless steel with innovative technologies, BlueStar successfully delivered commercial-grade ranges for home cooks.

Sticking with tradition, BlueStar continues their focus on high-quality cooking ranges today by offering a full-line of fully customizable features with 190-color options.


BlueStar's Impressive Features


A growing number of home chefs turn to BlueStar ranges in Canada when they are looking for restaurant quality equipment for their home kitchens. What makes BlueStar ranges such a desirable choice?

The BlueStar tradition grabs the attention of home chefs. These high-quality, top performing ranges have been handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania since 1880.

BlueStar is ready to accommodate all of your cooking needs and demands. These impressive ranges feature the BlueStar PrimaNova power burner, delivering an intense 25,000 BTU flame. This high-heat output is ideal for achieving a rapid boil, high-heat sear, or perfect saute.

The heavy-duty precision control, push-to-turn knobs, offer an infinite number of settings offering you complete control over your flame. This means whether you want to achieve the perfect simmer, slow melt, rapid boil or perfect sear, this gas range makes it possible.

BlueStar oven's offer a superior oven cavity capacity. Whether you are purchasing a 30," 36," 48" or 60" range the full-extension racks, and extra-large oven cavity easily accommodate 18"x26" commercial baking sheet. These ovens also feature a convection oven system. This innovative heating system distributes heat evenly for precision baking, roasting, and broiling results.

If that is not enough, BlueStar gas ranges are fully customizable. These superior-quality, commercial-grade stainless steel ranges are built to withstand the more rigorous of kitchen demands, while providing beauty and style that meet your needs and matches your kitchen décor.

When you purchase a BlueStar gas range in Canada, you are presented almost an infinite combination of designs. You can choose from different burner configurations, sizes, and over 750 colors.


Why Buy BlueStar Ranges in Canada?


When you buy a BlueStar gas range in Canada, you are bringing high-quality, durable, handcrafted cooking range designed to meet the needs of your inner restaurant chef.