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Cyclone Range Hoods

Cyclone is a proudly Canadian, family owned home ventilation company, specializing in quiet and powerful, beautifully crafted range hoods.  Cyclone range hoods are rapidly growing in popularity due to the attractive designs, powerful motors, quiet operation, innovative features and outstanding after sale service.  Cyclone is dedicated to producing modern high-performance range hoods with state of the art technologies. The Cyclone ventilation system quickly sucks smoke, grease, odours, and airborne contaminants out of your kitchen.   Keeping the air in your kitchen clean, so that you and your family can breathe easy.


The Importance of Sufficient Ventilation

Proper ventilation in your kitchen and bathrooms is essential to protect the health of you and your loved ones, as well the condition of your home.  Smoke and grease can cause costly damage to your ceilings and the finish on your cabinetry, while mold and mildew wreak havoc on your walls and lungs.

Cyclone designs and manufactures high-quality range hoods with powerful suction and quiet operation. These high-efficiency designs are carefully crafted to eliminate smoke, grease, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants produced during the cooking process.


The History of Cyclone

Our founder was a frustrated engineer who could not find a range hood on the market powerful enough to ventilate his busy kitchen, so he designed one himself. Word soon spread and a family business was born. Cyclone now encompasses three distribution centres in Toronto, Vancouver and Boston, a manufacturing facility in China and employs a large and diverse group of people internationally. 

Thanks to the creator's friends and family, word of a new ventilation system spread like wildfire and demand for the new high-performance range hood grew quickly.  It was not long before the demand grew too great for one person to handle, leading to the birth of the family business. Cyclone has steadily increased in popularity ever since, allowing the business to open several distribution centers across Canada and the U.S..

As a family run business continues to grow and thrive, the Cyclone family is always seeking ways to improve and increase manufacturing capabilities while broadening their product lines in Canada.


Why Buy Cyclone

Cyclone range hoods are beautifully crafted to be durable, powerful and quiet, with innovative features like back-up grease cups or trays inside the unit, automatic timers to clear the air while serving and telescopic duct covers to fit any ceiling height.  

Cyclone is a family name that is rapidly turning into a household name throughout Canada. Their unique, well designed, innovative range hoods are as powerful as they are effective. These range hoods have impressed a large number of home chefs across Canada by how quickly and quietly they remove the smoke, grease, and other contaminants from your kitchen.

Cyclone is dedicated to producing quality range hoods that look good in your kitchen, while diligently working to make your kitchen a safe, clean place to prepare your family’s meals.