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Frigidaire Appliances Canada


Frigidaire has been a consumer loved home appliance company since its birth. With a heart-felt dedication to producing high-value, superior performance appliances, Frigidaire quickly became a household name throughout North America.


Where Did The 'Frig' Come From?


Frigidaire first made its debut in the appliance world in 1916 when the first self-contained refrigerator was invented. This cutting-edge company did not stop there. They also invented the first-home freezer, room air conditioner, 30-inch electric range, and coordinated colors for home appliances.

The company adopted the name Frigidaire in honor of the refrigerators they produced. Yes, you guessed it; Frigidaire's refrigerators is where the slang term "fridge" originated.

In 1986, Electrolux bought the company, and continues to manufacture Frigidaire appliances today.


Why Choose Frigidaire Appliances?

When you purchase a Frigidaire appliance, you are purchasing an award winning appliance backed by 80+ years of experience. Frigidaire focuses on designing their products for the consumer, for the product. Their main focus lies on solving the time and space problems causing you daily inconveniences.

Frigidaire induction cooktops make it possible for you to boil water faster, or simply prepare meals quicker.

Frigidaire refrigerators offer a smudge-proof exterior with plenty of perfectly chilled, adjustable interior storage.

The innovative 2-in-1 convertible freezer to refrigerator units offer a unique flexibility to switch between refrigerator or freezer to fit you food preservation needs.

The impeccable performance of the Frigidaire dishwashers provides you with four times the water coverage, to deliver a consistently better clean with the OrbitClean Spray Arm.

Frigidaire's brilliant symmetry double ovens offer the ultimate flexibility in the kitchen. With large, equally-sized ovens, you can prepare two different dishes at the same time at different temperatures. Both oven cavities can fit a 30 pound turkey with ease.

The Frigidaire washing machines utilize Frigidaires innovative designs through the WaterFall Wash Technology wash system. This wash system to soak an entire load of laundry while the Immersion Care Wash Action carefully moves water and detergent through clothes for the cleanest of washes.

Frigidaire's ovens and ranges offer a fast preheat function, allowing the ovens to heat in 4 minutes while the True Convection system works to deliver to an uniform bake, roast, and/or broil.


Save With Energy Star Qualified Frigidaire Appliances


Frigidaire Appliances are Energy Star qualified. Meaning, Frigidaire appliances exceed federal minimum energy standards by at least 20%.

What does this mean for you? When you buy Frigidaire appliances, you are bringing home an Eco-friendly appliance that will lower your current utility bills.

Take a quick look below to learn a few ways Frigidaire appliances save you money in Canada:

-    The superior, powerful performance of Frigidaire dishwashers, eliminates hand washing dishes from your household chores. Simply scraping your plates, and loading them into a Frigidaire dishwasher will save about 55,000 gallons of water over its lifetime, that is equivalent to a lifetime supply of drinking water for a family of four! Plus, you will save almost 230 hours of your time that could never get back, by letting Frigidaire do the work for you.

-    An Energy Star qualified Frigidaire refrigerator in Canada could save you up to $300 or more per year on your electric bill. (When compared to refrigerator models that are ten years old or older.)

-    The top load, Energy Star qualified Frigidaire washers use up to 30 gallons of water less per load; that saves your household up to 7,000 gallons of water per year. This means, simply purchasing a Frigidaire top loading washing machine, could save you up to $150 per year on your water bill.