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Kobe Appliances Canada


Kobe Range Hoods is an industry leader producing the quietest range hoods on the market. With over 40 years of experience, Kobe is dedicated to producing top quality ventilation products in Canada and the United States. Using the most innovative technologies, stunning designs, and highly skilled craftsmanship, Kobe range hood has the perfect range hood for your home kitchen.


The Kobe Range Hoods Profile


Kobe Range Hoods was founded over 40 years ago, by the parent company, Tosho & Company, Ltd., in Japan. It was not long after the quiet top quality range hoods that Kobe range hoods gained popularity around the globe.

The quality and care put into Kobe range hoods has earned recognition in the United States, Canada, and several other countries as the industry leader in manufacturing and delivering top quality kitchen ventilation hoods.

The mission of Kobe range hoods is to design and develop kitchen range hoods with innovative styles and cutting-edge designs at an affordable price. Through careful research and development, Kobe manufactures a series of ventilation systems that are seamless, sophisticated, and possess the unique QuietMode technology. QuietMode technology is a revolutionary feature that allows the range hood to operate without making loud noises while you are cooking or entertaining house guests. In fact, the QuietMode feature is so quiet, that Kobe developed the motto, "So Quiet…You Won't Believe It's On!"

Kobe Range Hood's experience, dedicated, and quality of customer care produced a tremendous customer base that continues to grow. If you are looking for an ultra-quiet ventilation system for your home kitchen, Kobe Range Hoods has the ventilation system you are seeking.


The Kobe Warranty


Kobe Range Hoods possesses such a strong belief in their products that they offer their products with an industry leading warranty.

Kobe guarantees that when you purchase a Kobe Range Hood products that are manufactured or supplied by Kobe Range Hoods, you product will be free from defects in craftsmanship and materials. In the event a manufacturer defect were to occur within two years of the original purchase date of the Kobe Range Hood, Kobe will repair or replace the produce free of charge!

How many consumer appliance manufacturers offer such an extended warranty for their products?


Why Buy Kobe in Canada


When you purchase a Kobe range hood in Canada, you are purchasing a quality ventilation systems from an industry leader. Kobe Range Hoods is designed with innovative styles, cutting-edge technologies, and the quietest operating system on the market.

Taking home a Kobe range hood, means taking a carefully crafted, thoroughly researched designed, that is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty. With over 40 years of experience and the highest quality materials available, Kobe Range Hoods have the perfect range hood to match your home ventilation needs in style.