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Canadian Appliance Source

Ottawa West

Serving Nepean, Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Gatineau, and surrounding areas.
Emerald Plaza
1547 Merivale Rd.
Nepean, ON  K2G 4V3

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1547 Merivale Rd.
Nepean, ON  K2G 4V3

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Sales Representatives

Som Phamisith

Languages: English

Som was raised in Ottawa, Ontario where he currently resides.
Som has been in the appliance industry for over 11 years and is an avid New England Patriots fan.

(613) 224-5900 x310

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Marc Prieur

Languages: English, French

Marc was born and raised in Ottawa and has been in appliance industry for 5 years and is a huge sports fan

(613) 224-5900 x317

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Ahmed Sabra

Languages: Arabic, English

Ahmed was born in Cairo, Egypt.
His honest, friendly and pleasant attitude made him known as a people person.
He has 30 years of sales experience with 15 years in appliances.

(613) 224-5900 x316

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Chris Groleau

Languages: English, French

Chris was born and raised in Ottawa. Chris has been in retail for 16 years and selling appliances for the last 5 years. He has a bright smile and a cheerful attitude that will make your shopping experience a joy.

(613) 224-5900 x309

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Jeffrey Payer

Languages: English

Jeff was born in Ottawa, Ontario; he liked it so much, he stayed and is now raising his family there.
He has over 17 years sales experience and still looks forward to meeting new people every day.
An avid enthusiast of anything motorized, Jeff can often be found in the garage tinkering with his latest toy.

(613) 224-5900 x324

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


Find the largest range of quality appliances in Ottawa, Ontario Canada


Canadian Appliance Source is an appliance store in Emerald Plaza at Merivale Road and Meadowlands Drive W in West Ottawa, Ontario. Our store serves Napean, Kanata, Orleans, Gatineau and the surrounding areas.


Most people who shop for home appliances in West Ottawa find our showroom options refreshing when compared to other stores that sell fridges, ovens, ranges, microwave ovens, washers and dryers. The robust brand selection up and down the aisles of the store is a big reason, but it’s more than that. It’s the range of price points and styles you’ll find. It’s the quality of the brands we stock — nothing but the best. It’s the helpfulness of our staff, how well they’ve been taught to find the best home appliances for anyone using a deep and considered understanding of each brand’s good, better and best qualities are for you specifically. You won’t find that level of expertise at massive-box stores that sell just about everything under the sun. We do one thing: home appliances. We’re passionate about the category. And nobody does it better.


Corporate customers in West Ottawa love our location for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s next door to C&M Textiles, which has become quite the popular contractor/designer spot for fabrics. So you can do your home appliances and your colour splashes in one shot. And for super busy contractors who are used to eating lunch quickly  and running to the next job site or appointment, the local options are numerous and diverse. You can chow down on just about any style of food you want along Merivale.


Consumer customers love our West Ottawa location for the same reasons, but also because of how easy it is to get to from all over Napean, Kanata, Orleans, Gatineau and the surrounding areas. If you can get to 417 and Maitland Avenue, we’re about 10 minutes south, and we have parking. A team of sales reps will be ready to help you shop for appliances that fit your home and your lifestyle.


If you’d like to have your appliances delivered to your front door or job site, the store’s delivery area encompasses the area between the river to the north, Ashton Station Road to the west, Bellmeade Road to the south and Canaan Road to the east. And we’re happy to offer a refund or exchange if the appliance you have delivered isn’t what you really want for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.





The Canadian Appliance Source Difference


We take a single-minded approach to appliances because it’s all we know. We make the right recommendations because we ask the right questions about lifestyle, preferences and space.


When you leave, you’ll know more about home appliances and how they fit into your lifestyle. You’ll be more prepared to make appliance decisions for your home or property, more aware of the financial realities associated with quality home appliances, and more confident that you or your tenants will be happy with the appliance, be it a fridge, oven, range, microwave oven, washer and/or dryer.



Selection is everything at Canadian Appliance Store


It includes different brands, trims and price points for almost every product across all the lineups. We can make a unique home appliance plan to suit your space, lifestyle and values.


We curate the best brands in Canada across all price points and our approach is simple: the number doesn’t matter — what you get for that number matters. You’ll know you’re getting value from your appliance purchase no matter what you’re paying.


If you come to us unsure of what you’re looking for specifically, our team of knowledgeable sales representatives can take you through the pluses and minuses of each Canadian and international home appliance brand we carry. Alternatively, you can search our library of resources for the type and/or country of origin of appliance you want. If you’d like your washing machines and/or electric dryers professionally installed, we can quote that for you. See our installation page for more details.


How we approach you as a new customer


We start with you and what’s most important to you. Efficiency? Price? Value? Style? Something else entirely? Once we have a sandbox to play in, we can start building. And keep in mind that “best brand” is a subjective term. Best for what? For who?


Once we really know you, we’ll focus on the space in question and how an appliance can improve it functionally and visually. And make no mistake: appliances have a lot to do with the look of a space (their size alone makes them an anchor piece in any room). When you pick the one you want, we’ll make sure it gets safely to your home or property where it can be installed.


How we approach you as an existing customer


If you’ve been here before, we’ll have a file with your preferences. You can update them or keep them as they are. If you’re sticking with what we have, we can immediately start recommending appliances to you. If you want to change it up, we’ll take down your information and get going on the recommendations. It’ll take a bit longer but it’s worth the extra time to get it right rather than buy appliances twice or even three times.


Why we do what we do


We’re passionate about home appliances because of what they do to bring families together and make people’s lives easier. Think about what good cooking appliances can do, both for cooking aficionados or the regular “making food for the family” set.


A good stove/oven range can take you from amateur weekday cooking to gourmet food prep. Some people say a good oven or stovetop can make whatever you whip up taste better, and we’d have to agree.


A good microwave heats up food evenly and properly, so leftovers are just as good the next day and defrosting takes less time.


A good fridge has the space to hold the fruits (and veg and meat and fish and bread and milk) of a major grocery shop and what you make with the food you buy. It has a place for everything you and your family drink. And if eco friendliness is important to you, it’ll have all the certification you need to feel good about your choice.


Speaking of eco-friendliness, you can find the same options in dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. And within those sub-categories, you can find every conceivable option: front-loading or top-loading, large size or mini, sleek and sexy, or simple and long lasting.


Ultimately, our goal is to match a customer to the home appliances that make sense for them; appliances that complete the look of their homes and give them the freedom to cook well and look good.



The area


We’re located in Emerald Plaza in Borden Farm in southwest Ottawa — on Merivale Road between Meadowlands Drive East and Capilano Drive. It’s just north of Merivale Mall, home to Marshalls and Shoppers Drug Mart where you can get stuff done before or after you shop for home appliances. Merivale also has a Planet Fitness so you can work up a sweat as you consider your home appliance options.


If you’re here during the lunch or dinner rush, you have all kinds of choice. Your quick-serve options include Harvey’s, Pizza Pizza and Subway. And if you want to take a load off, you can do it at the Four Seasons Cookhouse, Red Lobster, Sea King Seafood, the Merivale Noodle House and so many others. These restaurants are all kid-friendly too, so if you had to bring the little ones along to shop for home appliances, you can reward them with a yummy meal out (assuming they earn it).


And not too far up the road is the area’s Fabricland. Designers who come here for their appliance shopping find this super handy.  



Before you visit us…


We encourage you to peruse the Canadian Appliance Source website and get to know all the home appliance brands we carry. You’ll find detailed information about where they come from, what they’re known for and why customers choose them.


You can also read up on the different kinds of home appliances we carry, and all the options up for consideration. Even if you don’t come in knowing exactly what you want, having an idea of what’s out there in terms of dishwashers, fridges, oven ranges, microwaves, washing machines, electrical dryers and washer/dryer combos will make your visit go so much faster.


Finally, it’s important to know that the appliance choice is ultimately yours. We’ll give you all the information and experience we have so you can make an informed decision, but it’s ultimately your call.


Wherever you’re from in West Ottawa, we look forward to serving you, helping you, educating you and sending you home happy and excited for your new appliance.