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Canadian Appliance Source


Serving Toronto, North York, Scarborough, and surrounding areas
65 Dufflaw Rd.
Toronto, ON  M6A 2W4
(Dufferin & Lawrence)

CAS Toronto

2021 Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence

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27 Director Crt.
Woodbridge, ON  L4L 4S5

Monday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Sales Representatives

Jona Mathews

Languages: English, French, Tamil

I am an enthusiastic people person who loves to create customers and friends for life. I enjoy acting and creating funny content on Instagram and YouTube. My true passion is making sure my customers are satisfied.

(416) 782-5900 x428

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Antonio Barone

Antonio was born in Montreal and raised in Toronto. He has been selling appliances for over 6 years.

Antonio is passionate about photography and car culture.

(416) 782-5900 x425

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Michael Blimkie

Languages: English

I have 34 years in the retail industry, including 13 years selling appliances. I studied architecture and design in school which allows me to help homeowners as well as many designers, developers, and contractors fulfill their appliance needs.I enjoy home renovations, design, sports and cooking.

Please allow me to help you in any way I can.

(416) 782-5900 x448

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Jay Falahati-Sadeghi

Languages: English, Persian/Farsi

With my background of being an electrical engineer, I can answer all your technical questions and advise you the best appliance for your needs. You can count on my patience. I'll make sure you will get your best possible appliances at the best price in the market.

(416) 782-5900 x318

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Mike Cole

A retail professional with over 20 years experience in sales, management and client services; including 5 years in the appliance industry. In my off time, I enjoy being outdoors - cycling, hiking or just plain walking around somewhere. While indoors, I enjoy a good movie, a good book or cooking with my fiancee. Contact me anytime time for all of your appliance needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

(416) 782-5900 x239

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Harleen Mankoo

Hello, my name is Harleen, but you can ll me Harry. I am an experienced appliance sales advisor, I look forward to designing your house with the perfect appliances that only speak to you. Additionally, I'd be more than happy to throw in my professional nutrition and training advice as an added benefit - appliances and health. See you soon!

(416) 782-5900 x751

[email protected]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Ravi Kohli

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Ravi was born and raised in India. He has been in the appliance industry for over 7 years and he is very passionate to travel and also likes reading.

(416) 782-5900 x223

[email protected]

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Find the largest range of quality appliances in Toronto

Canadian Appliance Source is an appliance store at Dufferin and Lawrence in Toronto, Ontario, that serves Toronto, North York, and the surrounding areas. Our showroom is a minute from Allen Road, a block west of Dufferin just north of Lawrence. Most people who shop for home appliances in the GTA find our showroom location helpful because it’s right in the middle of Contractor’s Row. Our neighbours include Olympia Tile, Universal Lighting and Imperial Carpet.

Corporate customers in Toronto, North York, and the rest of the GTA who don’t have the time to drive all over town love that our Toronto location has all the home appliances a contractor or builder would need, from fridges and ranges to dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

Consumer customers find our location equally convenient. Being right off Allen Road, we’re easy to get to from anywhere in the GTA along the 401. We have ample parking and a team of sales representatives ready to help you shop for appliances that fit your home and your lifestyle.

If you’d like to have your appliances delivered to your front door or job site, the store’s delivery area is bordered by Steeles Avenue to the north, the 427 and the Toronto Golf Club to the west and the Scarborough city limit to the east. 

The Canadian Appliance Source Difference

You’ll notice it the moment you walk into our appliance store: the single-minded approach we take to appliances. It’s all we know, and we know it well. We know what questions to ask; we know what brands to put forward; and we know what recommendations to make.

When you leave, you’ll be more knowledgeable, more prepared to make decisions about the appliances you want for your home or property, more aware of the price you can expect to pay for quality appliances, and more confident that you or your tenants will be happy the first time they use the new appliance.

Other stores across Ontario (and even across Canada) don’t have the selection to please enough people, the category background to provide anything other than generic answers or the price range we have. That’s not the case here. We train our people to not be afraid to challenge clients, especially when it comes to big ticket purchases like fridges and washers/dryers.

THIS makes a visit to Canadian Appliance Source worth your time

Selection. It’s everything when it comes to picking your home appliances because we have to fit both your space and your lifestyle.

Take a dishwasher as an example. If you cook a lot at home, you might want something with more power to take cooking grease and charred food off your cookware, regardless of cost. Alternatively, if you live alone in a condo and order in most of your meals, a small, simple and dependable dishwasher would be your best bet. Either way, you want quality. And while you’re prepared to pay for it, you’re not prepared to overpay.

Breadth of quality

We curate the best brands in Canada for the best stoves, fridges, ranges, washing machines and dryers at every price point so you get value from your appliance purchase regardless of what you paid. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for specifically, our team of representatives can take you through the pluses and minuses of each Canadian and international home appliance brand we carry. Alternatively, you can search our library of resources for the type and/or country of origin of appliance you want. If you’d like your washing machines and/or electric dryers professionally installed, we can quote that for you. See our installation page for more details.

How we approach you as a new customer

The first thing we do is get to know you and what you value: efficiency, price, value, appearance, something else? Then we’ll get to know more about your home, the space you’re working with and the kind of vibe you want to create for the room in question. From there, we’ll start putting together a selection of home appliances that make sense for you. When you pick the one you want, we’ll make sure it gets safely to your home or property where it can be installed.

How we approach you as an existing customer

If you’ve been here before, we’ll have a file with your preferences. You can update them or keep them as they are. If you’re sticking with what we have, we can immediately start recommending appliances to you. If you want to change it up, we’ll take down your information and get going on the recommendations. It’ll take a bit longer but it’s worth the extra time to get it right rather than buy appliances twice or even three times.

Why we do what we do

We’re passionate about home appliances because of what they do to bring families together and make people’s lives easier. Think about what good cooking appliances can do, both for cooking aficionados or the regular “making food for the family” set.

A good stove/oven range can take you from amateur weekday cooking to gourmet food prep. Some people say a good oven or stovetop can make whatever you whip up taste better, and we’d have to agree.

A good microwave heats up food evenly and properly, so leftovers are just as good the next day and defrosting takes less time.

A good fridge has the space to hold the fruits (and veg and meat and fish and bread and milk) of a major grocery shop and what you make with the food you buy. It has a place for everything you and your family drink. And if eco friendliness is important to you, it’ll have all the certification you need to feel good about your choice.

Speaking of eco-friendliness, you can find the same options in dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. And within those sub- categories, you can find every conceivable option: front-loading or top-loading, large size or mini, sleek and sexy, or simple and long lasting.

Ultimately, our goal is to match a customer to the home appliances that make sense for them; appliances that complete the look of their homes and give them the freedom to cook well and look good.

The area

We’re located in Toronto’s northwest quadrant, at the southeastern end of the area affectionately known as the Castlefield Design District, which blogTO referred to as an interior design lover’s dream. It’s easy to get to from Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough.

While you’re here, you can reimagine your kitchen and laundry room at specialty stores that sell tiles and flooring, sinks and countertops, lighting and, of course, all the furniture styles you could ever want.

If you’re coming here during the day, the neighbourhood’s lunch options are diverse and numerous. You’ll find a Burger’s Priest down the street, which serve up some of the best craft hamburgers in the city. Just south of that is Demetres, a legendary Toronto Greek coffee shop, and Krystos Modern Greek Cuisine, who have an out-of-this-world souvlaki plate. Visiting us around the dinner hour? Find a Red Lobster at the end of our street and Yorkdale Mall just up the road, home to the Pickle Barrel, The Cheesecake Factory and Jamie Oliver.

And if you do choose a visit to Yorkdale, you’ll have your choice of over 200 stores, including many of Canada’s most well-known upscale retail brands including Holt Renfrew, Sporting Life and Restoration Hardware. You’ll also find a few Canadian flagship locations of American retailers that carry the products you really want. The mall is one floor, so no escalators or stairs; indoor and outdoor parking spots are numerous and always free.

The other bonus to our location is our proximity to Dufferin Street, which is among the easier routes you can use to shoot downtown. As you head south towards the city, you’ll pass by a bunch of stores that offer appliances like we do. You might even go in a few of them. But what you’ll realize very quickly is that you’ll be hard pressed to find any appliance retailer with the knowledge, dedication and good ideas we have.

Before you visit us…

We encourage you to peruse the Canadian Appliance Source website and get to know all the home appliance brands we carry. You’ll find detailed information about where they come from, what they’re known for and why customers choose them.

You can also read up on the different kinds of home appliances we carry, and all the options up for consideration. Even if you don’t come in knowing exactly what you want, having an idea of what’s out there in terms of dishwashers, fridges, oven ranges, microwaves, washing machines, electrical dryers and washer/dryer combos will make your visit go so much faster.

Finally, it’s important to know that the appliance choice is ultimately yours. We’ll give you all the information and experience we have so you can make an informed decision, but it’s ultimately your call.

Whether you’re from Toronto, North York or Scarborough, we look forward to serving you, helping you, educating you and sending you home happy and excited for your new appliance.