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Washers Buying Guide


Washer Buying Guide


Over the last several years, manufacturers have completely transformed the way you do laundry. In the past, there was a very limited selection of washing machines available on the market. Today, with so many modern technological advancements, and trendy features selecting a new laundry companion can be a chore.


Should you buy a front load, top load, stackable, steam washer, compact washer? What features will help you clean your clothes thoroughly?

Things to Consider When Buying a Washer

1. Your needs

All washer will clean your clothes, but not all washers are created equal. The various cycles and options manufacturers equip laundry appliances with today can make a huge difference in your laundry results. You need to consider the amount of clothes you wash each which and the soil level of your average load of laundry.


2. Your budget

Just as with any other major appliance you would purchase for your home, you must know your budget before you begin shopping. The last thing you want to do is look at an extra-large capacity washer with turbo wash and steam cleaning functions when you budget allots enough money for a basic top load washing machine. If you have your heart set on a more advanced laundry companion, you may want to wait to purchase your new washing machine until retailers offer sales.


3. The features and technology

With the number of technological advancements, washers can offer a variety of features such as steam cycles, sensor system, touch screen controls, noise reduction systems, high-speed wash cycles, and more. It is important for you to take time to learn about the new washer technologies, and determine which features may be the most beneficial in your home.


Types of Washers


Top Load Washer

Top load washers allow you to load the wash basket through a lid located on the top of the unit. These washers come in traditional and high-efficiency models, so you enjoy the same Energy Star energy saving operations.


Top load washers have received an overhaul. Many brand name manufacturers have enhanced top load washers with the same features like a front load washer, so you find units with basic dials or touch screen controls.


With so many models, encompassing everything from traditional, basic models to technologically advances models, the price range can run anywhere from $400 up to $1,800.


Front Load Washer

Front load washers offer a large wash basket capacity than top-loading models, spiking in an increase in their popularity over the last several years. While top loading units offer an average capacity ranging from 3.6 cubic-feet to 3.8 cubic-feet, the front load washing machines offer a capacity ranging from 3.9 cubic-feet to a king-sized 5.8 cubic-feet capacity wash tub.


Front load washers do not only offer a larger wash capacity; they are also feature the latest, more advanced cycles, options, and features.


The average price range for front loading washing machines ranges from $650 up to $1,500.


Laundry Centers

Launder centers are idea for homes where space is limits, such as an apartment or condo. These units offer a smaller wash capacity averaging 1.5 cubic-feet. If you live in an apartment or a condo and prefer to wash your clothes at home instead making frequently trips to the laundry mat.


The average price range for a laundry center can run anywhere from $1,300 to $1,800.


Compact Washer

Compact washing machines offer a smaller wash capacity and are specifically designed for those who have small, tight installation areas in their home. These washers offer very basic wash functions, so you can still wash laundry in your home without reconfiguring you home to allocated more space.


You can purchase a new compact washer anywhere from $800 to $1,000.


Washer-Dryer Combinations

Washer-dryer combinations are just as the name suggests; a washer and dryer combined in the same unit. These all-in-one units take up less space and allow you to set a separate wash and dry cycle without, so you do not have to flip laundry when cycle ends.


The only down side is sometimes clothes are still damp when the dry cycle ends.


You can purchase one of these convenient appliances for $700 to $1,000.




Wash Cycles

Just about every washing machine offers the four basic wash settings: heavy-duty, normal, delicate,and permanent press. Newer washing machines that offer more wash cycles offer a variety of additional cycles options like prewash, bulky/bedding, hand wash, steam, cold wash, bright whites, and many more.


Water Level

Most models allow you to set the water level yourself. However, many modern washing machines features an automatic load sensor that fills the wash basket with the ideal level of water for optimal cleaning results.


Smart Features

Many manufactures have equipped modern model washing machines with technologically advanced features to enhance your laundry experience. Some of these smart features include:

• Steam options

• Antibacterial cycles

• Quiet settings

• Sensor cycles

• Touch screen controls

• Energy Star technologies

• And more